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Phone: (513) 662-0474
Fax: (513) 921-0143
JMJ Homebuilders, LLC.
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Cincinnati, Ohio 45258-0673

Phone: (513) 662-0474
Fax: (513) 921-0143
Building your dream home is one of the
most important decisions you will make.  
JMJ Homebuilders will guide you through
every step of the planning and construction
process to ensure you move into your
perfect home.
JMJ's skilled employees complete a
majority of the work on our projects.  In
addition, we have developed a network of
reputable subcontractors that join with JMJ
to provide you a quality home.  JMJ firmly
believes that we are personally
accountable for every aspect of our work.  
We provide exceptional quality and
craftsmanship and spend the time to make
sure every detail meets your expectations.
JMJ understands that you are anxious to move into
your new home.  We pride ourselves on being highly
organized and schedule oriented.  You'll see your
project transform before your eyes.
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